Anaplan is one of the best in class cloud planning applications available on the marketplace today, it hits the sweet spot between lower end tools such as adaptive or host analytics and enterprise tools such as Cognos TM1. The platform offers balance, flexibility and a rules based architecture that allows for building planning applications and offers clients and end users the ability pivot quickly as requirements change.

The platform is based on hyperblock technology, the system that provides a single modeling environment for the organization with the ability to work on large models at a high speed.

Anaplan has a built-in application platform that allows an organization to quickly build or modify their planning applications. Its App Hub has pre-built applications for sales, operations, finance, and human resources along with a custom app module to modify these apps per organizational needs. The solution reduces end-to-end supply chain costs by aligning supply chain to market opportunities.

Recommended Use Cases:

  • Medium to Complex FP&A
  • Supply Chain
  • Workforce Planning
  • Incentive Compensation Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Application Workflow

Watch A Live Demo

Anaplan Product Image

New Browser Add-in for Chrome

Download the latest Anaplan Formulator for Chrome, Allows for easy in browser viewing of nested IF statements and other long rules